From our website:
Phoenix Swords is made up of entertainers with anywhere from two to twenty five years of experience in acting and entertainment. Our cast lives primarily in the New England Area of the United States but we have members from all over the country! Founded September 1rst 2002, the group travels as far North as Ontario, Canada and as far South as Pensacola, FL. We have over 100 performance venues in our resume (217 shows and counting!) Some of our bigger customers have included History Channel, and The Big E. We enjoy business from organizations such as the National Grange, Boy Scouts of America, and a number of local colleges and universities. We are patronized by charity organizations, churches and private parties of all ages.

What we are a not-for-profit group of people who love to work and entertain. This blog does not necessarily reflect the feelings of *every* member of the troupe, but it IS written by our publicist (me, Temper) so I can certainly speak generally for us all.

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