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Like many other people, I’d like to think I am clear and concise in my communications. Unfortunately what I hear in my brain is not always what makes it out of my mouth and onto the page. And then there is the listening part-where one hopes that the audience is receptive and not lost in a personal fantasy of coconuts and cabanas.  Sometimes what comes out doesn’t really fit (like what happens here) And it’s the internet-where depending upon who is reading that day, a simple oxford comma may send someone into the depths of RAEG!!!!!

And just because I don’t have any snarky comments on this blog, does not mean that it’s never happened-it just hasn’t happened HERE. (I have a set of blogs with different filters-I’m told it is HILARIOUS to have access to all of them and slowly work to the inner circles-sort of like Dante’s version of Hell)

But I like to be specific, try to keep a flow (don’t hold me to it *snort*) and eliminate questions like I’ve had on some of my amazon reviews. You know, the kind where if they had simply READ the first line, no question would have followed. (Not that I’m bitter or anything)

And last, it’s my personality. I’m told I seem cold, snooty, and a know-it-all-which reveals more about my detractors than about who I really am. I just want to communicate and be as clear as my befuddled brain will allow. And If I didn’t address it in the blog-clearly you have a computer and a keyboard-write your own damn entry. 🙂