This flow chart I have informally put down at least two dozen times. Because someone has come up to me and said “I like swords, I would like to find out more.”

I am not good at selling people things they may not want or need further down the line so instead of immediately saying “Join our group!!!!” *Pinwheel-eyes* I generally will try and talk them down a flow chart like the one in this blog post. (See Below)

Now, inevitably someone says “that’s not how it goes!” Or “that’s not how I would do it!” Well, go make your own.  Although if you make one and it is more organized and clear, I will gladly make use of yours! The problem with “I like swords!” is that it is a BROAD spectrum. So if you have a friend who likes swords and wants to find out more-you can send them to this blog post. Someday I will make this as a document with clickable links, but this is there today, take a look.

Disclaimer: I didn’t list everyone because 1) I see no benefit to listing people who won’t do their own marketing 2) this is my view, don’t claim it’s universal 3) That is WAY too big a flow chart.