So It’s just before a show and my brain is fixated upon that so you get sort of a “clip show” of blog entries.


Going in no particular order, I received some feedback about the sword chart and I missed an entire category* so  expect some updates on that. That is what happens when you revise too much.

At last week’s show, the “what do you get out of the renfaire” was spread out before me like a luscious banquet  so I have to let that one compost a bit before a revisit.

Remember the first blog? What to do if the act before you runs late?  Wow folks, thanks for making that one timely and in addition, the dialogue we had with the act, well that one has spawned an entirely new blog post once my jawbone can be retrieved-it dropped, fell off, rolled away and was carried off by a small canine.

Some other topics I am “composting” –Preparing for the renfaire-on a personal level, on a team member level and on an organizational level(troupe.)  I think it should be less a listing of objects and more about a mental and physical preparation.  As someone soon-to-qualify for AARP, my thoughts have changed drastically since I first started it.

“I could do that” the bane statement of performers and merchants everywhere will be another future inspiration.

But in the meantime I have to go “bling” up my hat to match my fine royal blue bad-guy outfit at the Wheaton Arts Festival. Everyone loves feathers…