I am what my friends refer to as “a crazy person.” This could be for many reasons but the one today is that I keep multiple blogs and record everything that seems worthwhile to put into a journal, diary or just a reaction to something. As a performer, keeping a blog can be valuable not only as a marketing tool, but for a growth marker, sharing of information and in many cases-learning from one another.

My first blog I started in 2002 after a really horrific life experience which has made echoes, both good and bad, well into my life now. It is a rich mining resource for stories and ideas and away to share myself with my friends. But blogging has become a profession for some people (who knew!) and here are some thoughts on why you should do it.

Recording experiences; one of the entry types I go back and read is the recording of my first days working the renfaires and other events. Some of these experiences are rewarding to re-live when my enthusiasm is waning or if I’m feeling nostalgic. It’s a nice reminder of where we all start, why we do what we do and in many cases, good for a chuckle that we all start starry-eyed and in love. It lets me remember that not everyone who works at the faire is as cynical as I am now and shakes me down to that first pair of boots. It’s a good starting place to relate to people just starting and remind me that NONE of us was born with innate knowledge.

Noting important personal details.  None of us have memory like a terabyte drive (or if you do, good on you) so often my co-owner will turn to me and ask “What was the name of the hotel we used last trip?” or “Do you remember that vendor?” And if I was diligent, it is right there for me to reference, And I’ll be honest, I am a bit bad with names so often recurring staff members will come up remembering me and I’ll know their name-but generally because I reviewed my blog and jogged my memory. It’s not impolite to use your resources and once I’ve read through, that does fire up the synapses and tells folks that I feel they are important to me (which they are.)

Warnings from the past-some organizers will play shell games with faires, as will some vendors.  It is not uncommon that your blog can serve as a warning about certain modus operandi with sketchy individuals.  You don’t have to name people but just describing the situation may spur someone to contact you and you may prevent another bad encounter.  And you’d be surprised at how many parallel occurrences there are. Posting once on a board I discovered that at least three faires  (two out of business) with such a legendary bad reputation. We had a great time swapping stories and it was nice to know that prevention and discussion worked well. Bad experiences can make great stories.

Sharing is Caring.  Many of the topics on this blog are “Things I would have wanted someone to tell me.” I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel (as you see with my links) but if I can’t find something that sums up for me, then I feel it is my responsibility to write it and I have no problem with that being propagated with credit. I understand that some of my entries probably read similarly to the same topics written about elsewhere. That is the nature of humans, we often think alike. I would not plagiarize because I wouldn’t want it done to me.  And if someone reads these and then sends MORE information, all the better-for everyone.  Making a better act is never as simple as going on stage-it is fed from many sources and not always a straight line in how the brain processes new information. And having conversations and exchanges, regardless of platform, just makes everything better.

Personal growth-I’m told I write as I speak. It’s a mixed compliment and I know it because I am not a linear thinker and have been known to drop sentences in both instances. Can’t tell you how many of these blogs I’ve re-read and made the” D’oh!” noise. And my boss at my day job finding out I blog, well let’s just say I’ll be maintaining ANOTHER one and if I accidentally write about mobile devices in this blog, it’s been a tiring week!  And as said in the preceding paragraphs, I like to learn from my documented life, it reminds me that a certain part of my life is not my sum and we are not stagnant.

So blog away, folks. I do and can’t help but learn from it and be inspired to do it and bring it to the renfaire with me and Vice Versa.

and a link to think about:

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