This weekend we did one of our favorite local festivals. It is close to home, it features us, it is sponsored by and highlights the University of Massachusetts Renaissance Center.  It’s an annual tradition that we attend the sword symposium the last week of April and perform at the May festival the week after. The first in business casual and the second in costume. It is a in a gorgeous location with a backdrop of the Berkshire mountains and since we like everyone at the center very much, it’s a fun time.

Normally I would do a single-subject blog but circumstance has pointed out to me that I have to address some immediate items that came up this weekend.

First, someone referenced in past blogs came up and commented
“I’ve been reading your blog and would like to submit some corrections”
“You read the blog! Is it about my typos? (note my priority)
“No I would like to reference the sentence that  my humor is an acquired taste.” He then pointed to a known passer-by
“X” Is my sense of humor an acquired taste?”
As if on sitcom cue
“No, you have no sense of humor.”
Ba-Dum Ching!
And I have to address that he does, indeed, appreciate that historical fights must be modified for stage and that he has never  fist-shaken in absentia, at my statements in the blog.  The shout-outs are appreciated. And that I clearly have been having some conversations only in my mind. 😉

I am well and truly grateful to have invested in a fine tent-it was made for Gulf Coast winds and had a workout on a hillside this weekend. In fact it did its job so well that the visitors came and joined us inside the tent and it seemed to survive intact. Just as I will write about how much I love hobbits, accept that I will do this about the tent as well. But I am not the only one who loves this tent, it was specifically requested at the faire in the same sentence as the troupe. So there you go.

I took quite a few pictures at this event and so, was walking in and out of the crowd. We received a lot of compliments, the event broke past attendance records despite the iffy weather and the organizers made it a point to personally thank us. But some people have to pee in the Cheerios and  some folks in costume from another fest decided to comment regarding our group. I’m not a big Disney fan but here’s a piece of wisdom for ya:


Others from the same fest were lovely and we enjoyed talking swords with you. I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to your opinions but as my cousin the cop says, when you’re wearing it, you are representing the uniform.

And I guess I want to finish with this-if you go to a small faire and had a really great time-write to the organizers and sponsors and tell them as much. If you hate writing, then tell them in person. I appreciated the feedback on my blog and the audience was invigorating with their enthusiasm, despite sideways rain on occasion.  Wonderful little fest and a terrific place for Renaissance enthusiasts.

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