Cultural appropriation, it’s definitely a thing in our circles.  But often we cling to some things that perhaps need to be shared and made new again-folklore is a good example. We should just make something original and unique to our inner life.  In many instances we should have been more respectful of the things we’ve lifted from other places.  I hope you’ll read the links I post here, think about them and see where you go with those thoughts. I’m still chewing on them. (There are a ton I could post)

Camelocked Stocked: A King Arthur Review
Camelocked Stocked: A <i>King Arthur</i> Review

Le Morte d’Athur: Saving our ransacked mythology


Karlie Kloss Apologizes for Appropriating Japanese Culture in Vogue Photo Shoot

What if Mexicans celebrated 4th of July like Cinco de Mayo

Is it respectful? Is it accurate? Is it sharing or stealing?

This post brought to you by my costuming for the Fantasy Folklore Festival and things I always agonize over.