I had the opportunity for an informal tour of the Exhibit-Fanning the Flames of Revolution, Print Culture of the Reformation.  The tour was led by one of the exhibit creators Dr. Virginia Chieffo Raguin, who was kind enough to not only add modern insights but sing, allow some hands-on experiences and share some inside jokes about the exhibit itself. This exhibit is FREE!

It is a fairly small exhibit (featured in a hallway) and our tour had to share space with bustling administrators and faculty! Because I think you should see the exhibit yourself, I’ll just include some highlights;

One of the paintings featured in a print was “Christ Blessing, Surrounded by a Donor Family” and to note that Christ was accessible to people that Luther didn’t feel families needed intermediaries and that in the reflection in the globe of Christ is, in fact, Hamburg, Germany.

Doctor Raguin allowed just to handle some printing plates and some reproductions to admire the fine detail and to appreciate that this was the “social media” its day.  Printing set Europe on fire and the people rather than the clergy having direct access to God was considered heretical by many. We take our own print availability and direct relationship with God for granted but it was Martin Luther (among others) who helped that come to be!

The archivists of the College of the Holy Cross have pulled a number of valuable books out of the collection for direct viewing and it was wonderful to see them, compare and have context directly in front in the cases.

Definitely, check out some the satirical references and prints and I have a short video  and a quick gallery of photos;



A quick video (6 min)

LInk from the Holy Cross site

Information: Although the tour may be literally walked through, I’d recommend a tour for a better understanding and they may be arranged! The tours and  exhibit are FREE