I haven’t blogged as frequently because

  • I generally have said what I have to say about the renfaire community
  • My best works are rants and honestly, things have been going pretty smoothly
  • Have three other social platforms I’m currently spinning like plates, and additional businesses.
  • Not sure what to say

But if you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know we did a demonstration in Soligen Germany (City of Blades, Beoches!) in July and it was a wonderful experience.

What do I have to say? I’m glad we are still here, grateful that people still want to work with/for us and keep us going. I don’t miss the early days except for the friendships we’ve made!  I am happy that my chaos filter is much stronger.

It entertains me to see others just starting where we were and see how much *everything* about swords has exploded and become easier to access and participate in these days!

I miss those who have passed but left such a great legacy.

And because I’m a petty shite, a big butt-waggle to all the detractors we’ve outlasted-please feel free to give yourself sixteen big slaps on the behind and think of us!

And a big thank-you to all the fans and friends who still care about what we do-we’ll keep on, keeping on!