flower crown


The answer is yes-unless they don’t, and that’s the reality.

But one thing I like to think that those who support faires have in common is resiliency

We deal with bad patrons, low wages, varying weather, strange circumstances and plowing through despite obstacles. I don’t think this virus will kill renaissance faires but it will change them for years to come.

If you are like me, you knew you were a faire addict but you thought you could quit at any time.  You realize at this point that isn’t true.  But we all have coping mechanisms.

I am enjoying the group Faire Relief

That is helping me discover all sorts of new vendors and reminding me that I need to buy a Clipclock for the next performance!

My friends who are performers are doing concerts via Facebook Live

Becoming Tik-Tok celebrities

Digital Renfaire  is taking performances online and it’s happening weekly-no flies, no bad weather and no entrance fee (but please use the tip jar)

And RESCU is doing what it was built for-helping Rennies in need.

And look-people who support renfaires are adapting and even opening up new markets and ideas.  And that’s why the California Pleasure faire didn’t just run a season and call it good. People are what make it a great experience and people are what will keep it going.

As for my own experience, in some ways this stress and fear and not being around others is clamping down on my mental and physical health.  My Day Job (for which I am grateful) had a big surge in need and when I would walk away way from the computer I was DRAINED.   No crafting, no working on our acts, no equipment checks or repairs I just wanted to sink into the floor and not be any more. All of us are out of sorts.

But I’m taking heart from the people around me. I am so grateful to feel the love and connection from my friends and family (and yeah, EVERYONE is home, no excuses!). It’s not the same as flopping down behind a tent and shooting the breeze or letting it all hang out onstage but it’s still a community.

So if you can’t zoom, call. If you can’t call, write. And if you can’t write, get right with your deity of choice, or yourself and your place in the Universe or if you need to-teleheath and see/contact someone.  Please do what you need to do!

And when we do get to be out there again, the energy will be AMAZING. Sure, it will probably be elbow bumps rather than big hugs but the love is there.

We will be at the faires again! HUZZAH!