As a friend of mine likes to say-Five bullets make an entry!

So here are are five bits o’ Bee in my Bonnet

Massachusetts Renaissance Faire and the Great Resignation.
I was not surprised that people resigned and here is why:
Folks had told me some of the behind-the-scenes and I was saying prayers and crossing fingers, and sending good intentions for their continued sanity and safety. They are absolutely amazing and deserve to shine.
We applied as an act and received THE RUDEST “no thanks” ever in 20+ years.
I worked a booth and the “malarkey” that occurred could be its own entry but yeah, OMG.  My booth partner agreed that *a number* of red flags made it a no-go for another year. But some of the other vendors there are awesome and I hope they’ll do some other faires.

I have personal reasons for connecting with a resignation that brought out the carrion-eaters. So to the collective folks who left- on to the stars-GO YOU!!!!!

If you want to read about it, it made the paper.

We were heartbroken that we were going to be part of the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire  and then, a week later, the faire committee, being good stewards cancelled.  We were able to be part of the online faires they did for the Food Bank but, we really (like everyone) wanted to be where the people are!  We haven’t signed the contract yet, but we are working on getting the fire show items all together. This is a big, twiney ball of stuff that needs to be put together but we hope you love the results and that we’ll be paired again (fingers crossed) with the Primrose Pirates for fun but safe use of fire and accelerants

I have also worked with this faire with my vending friend-and yes, an excellent example of a faire you WANT to be part of!

A long-time faire we have done for years, we are unlikely to return. A few members have expressed opinions. We are not a democracy but we can’t do what we do without participation and although we two founders could do the show, we feel it would be greatly diminished.  There are other factors but we hope you’ll see us next weekend Here

A thing we “forgot” in the pandemic is that winter practice suuuuuucks.  There is nothing quite like doing fire in extreme cold. It’s the worst. But you have to practice, check your tools and stay flexible.  Both you and swords need to warm up before swinging around the place. The silver lining is that we came back together and we are getting back the mojo.  Thank goodness one of our members can borrow a van because there is not a rental van to be had. Go ahead, check any car rental place in the Northeast. It’s a shortage we’d never anticipated.

Last bullet, We are doing our first guest lecturer/teacher this year in MarchFrank Perrin of Razmafzar. Super excited he’s willing to show us some great material. I’d joined the Mamluk Project Kickstarter and I look  forward to discussing it!  Need to bug my old Guild buddies to see what they have been up to and I need to hold me accountable to finally get some dust off a particular manual.