We have returned from this event and it’s our first trip south in over two years.  I won’t lie, several things gave us pause when we agree to do this faire.

One, it’s new and we’ve never been there

Two; it was held at the Jefferson Davis house in Biloxi…here’s the hard swallow, founder of the Confederacy. Jefferson Davis House

Three we are not doing the Gulf Coast Faire because the troupe had reservations and kids. This faire falls on our troupe members’ kids February vacation schedule.

But we did say yes, and we did do it because (see “kids” above) and we have a long-standing relationship with organizers DeeJeania and Sadie.  I was super-happy to see a diverse group of visitors and a lot of veterans at the faire.  This location is a good rental site and Emerald Coast productions is doing a number of events here.

On to the good stuff

We did three shows a day-our historical, our silly pirate show, and the fire show.  As is usual with Phoenix Swords, we brought the cold weather with us.  But we know to layer so we were on and ready!

Here are some pictures from the Silly Pirate Show which are fights, games, and making the audience entertain US. They included “collecting rats”, (for supper) “No Scurvy,” “Squid Game,” and “Drankin’ Game”

It was chaos and ridiculousness. As all good things should be.

For most of us, it was our first time in Biloxi, MS

And we did a fire show. Unsurprisingly, away from the historical buildings.

Things we loved about this faire:

The organizers-they are very open-hearted and trying to make a difference. We love working with them and if that means having to make Civil War Ghosts spin like tops in their graves, we are here for it! The staff is super nice and it’s a family thing.

The location is at the far back of the property and with a view of gorgeous old oaks and the ocean. We had a VERY generous space and were good enough to put solar lighting and signage over the red ant hills. It was wonderful to work on grass after practicing in snow.

For a faire its size, it had lots of food vendors-all tasty. Papa Johns, a fried food/Thai, Greek girls yummies, a coffee tent and a Biloxi local who was expensive and cash only but GOOD. All within sight of our tent, I might add.

Lots of places to stay and SO MANY restaurants

A gorgeous beach across the street to add to the atmosphere.

The faire worked with differently-abled folks to get them onto the grounds which were flat and had roads and paths.

The FB event



The event seemed like the locals didn’t know about it, we went around and spoke about it in costume.

It’s competing with a lot-on Saturday we were up against Mardi Gras parades. And it’s in a strip with lots of casinos.

A lot of acts/attractions didn’t come last minute, and in the time of COVID we totally understand.

But to finish up, we were awarded “the Star of the Sea” a prize for being the best pirate act and we have to bring it back next year so it may be awarded to someone else.

So, it falls at a good time and the troupe feels it’s a great, friendly faire to shake off the rust and start the year