Since we have few loyal readers of this blog I am going to share a super-secret bit of info with you

We are writing a special show for the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire and you will see, in full force, the second generation of Phoenix Swords members. They range from grade school to high school and a number will be making their stage debut. Exciting right?

And as a person who helps run the troupe, it’s exciting in the Chinese Curse sort of way. I took to heart WC Fields, US comedian who claimed he would not act with children or animals.  (You can ask me about my “add deer to the acts” dream that made me wake in a cold sweat) We have a limited number of children but they seem like…more.

And we not only are writing a new act but putting in small, breathing bits of chaos and doing it during a New England Spring at a faire we haven’t done before. Maybe you should just see it if you love car crashes because even in rehearsals I’m peering through my fingers at what I hope will be consistency in six weeks.

What inspired this new show? Fenix is a huge history buff and he’s had this idea rattling around for some years. Let’s just say it involved the Doomsday Book.

[TL; Didn’t click] It was basically an inventory of what William the Conqueror now reigned over. We find it fascinating reading (with the Latin translated)

And we want to show off some of our stage stuff to a New England audience with less-than noble characters, found objects and family squabbles.  If you are anticipating high Medieval fantasy…go visit Auntie Arwen’s Spices or Faerie Worx during this show.

Other new things; In the Historical Show we will be showing off some Giganti and a technique we call “Styling Hat.”

We will be doing a fire show (fingers crossed) which many, many people in NH have not seen because getting to do fire shows in NH is HARD. (Worth its own entry.) We still have to pass inspection so send good thoughts that we, Primrose Pirates and a potential new act go through with flying colors!

And since we are spilling ALL the tea today, this will not be the first set of working days for some members of Phoenix Swords in NH. Some of us went in not-so-undercover as vendors and were really impressed with how well-run this faire is and how efficient they are.  So be sure to get your tickets, come and see our three different sets of shows and enjoy an awesome event.