This was our first time performing at this faire and we had *some* idea of what we were getting into but you know you always want to make a good impression and make everyone happy!

The first thing to note is that it takes place at Brookvale Pines Farm a gorgeous location not too far off of the highway and surrounded by beautiful farmlands. And for you HEMA folks, it’s where Iron Gate Exposition will be this fall!

My partner and I came on Friday and set up the tent, then popped back home.

So, so early on Saturday we all made our way to our spot (And shout-out to Meghan, vendor coordinator for such an excellent spot). We were on a corner and that made life both hard and easy. Easy because we were able to extend our ring but hard because a lot of the vendors around us seemed to regard us as an impediment to getting where they wanted to be.

We had three performers making their debut this weekend but they did a great job. Two are second-generation Phoenicians and I’m happy to say the crowds deterred them not at all. The third is a new member who has been very quiet and had not gone to a renfaire before. We think he’s found out WHY we do what we do. The Kids Show is that-featuring kids and we love how much the kids in the audience were so excited to see themselves reflected on stage.

But It was brutally hot on Saturday (Spoiler alert, will be the same this coming weekend) and we were all a little brain-fried.   The temperature ended up being ten degrees hotter than predicted and although we had some hot-weather preparation, it was not enough.

We wandered a bit but as the leaders we usually hold back so others can explore. We did buy some shirts from Emantzi Creations and some icee cups from the ice guy, and these odd treats from Cannon Ranch -Dragon Breath (see below)

The real measure of a faire is the folks who are behind the scenes and when a microburst came through on Wednesday-the staff and vendors came together and notified everyone about the brutal winds that knocked down some tents-including ours.  Before we could get up there, those folks had salvaged what they could and had already covered and staked our remaining tent bits so that they would be safe. (Don’t tell anyone, but I think one of them was the Queen being incognito) We are so grateful for that.

Photo by  JD Lariat

And we made the news-

And good news for you, there is another weekend!  The themes this weekend are pirates Saturday and Literature/media on Sunday

We will be doing:
Historical at 11:30 am
Our Chaos Show at 2:30 pm (first time up North and specially written for this faire)
Fire show at 4:00-always exciting, especially for the spotters!

See you there!