Haven’t been blogging for a few reasons

  1. Busy
  2. have to set up a new computer –which doesn’t sound bad but the old one is sufficiently old that I have to make big changes both physically and software-wise

What was the busy?

We went to Lion’s Den (which should get its own entry) a combination of Persian and African sampler intro courses. It was a fun Saturday/Sunday and we played some games on Sunday. If you would like to try some from the same group-HAMAAS We did some stick, spear, shield and more.

They have an upcoming event in August you should attend:

Then came the Wheaton Arts Fantasy Faire where we got to see friends for the first time in three years with PERFECT weather. Need to post this gallery and write that up

In the meantime, enjoy this GIF

Now we are smack in the middle of the Midsummer Fantasy Faire (our first time at this event) doing sword shows during the day. We hope you’ll visit not only because it’s an awesome faire but because it’s run in part with the help of many hands) by the world-famous Daniel Greenwolf   and we are helping out with the scavenger hunt as well! We plan to stay and watch the night time fire shows and I will get to sit and know it’s not my circus or monkeys and enjoy a fire performance with no stress! It was also great to run into two former Phoenix members and chat!

We are already booking for 2023 as some folks want to GUARANTEE we will be there so that’s nice way to finish out this entry. 🙂