So it’s been another year with just a wee bit left to it, and I’ll be honest, we are all tired!

We have had the most working performances since a recession hit in 2008 and although the COVID isolation years hit with the force of a few pollarms, the frenzy that has come after is like whiplash.

So let’s focus on the good things:

We started taking sword classes with William Perrin, Runner of Bayt Al-Asad: Middle Eastern Combat Arts

who in turn introduced us to the awesomeness that is the Philly branch of HAMAA and although we didn’t make it to all the events, we did go to two out of three, and it was a blast. The folks at the Lonny Young Center are amazeballs, and you should support them.

We reconnected with Daniel Greenwolf and did two of his shows this year. In the “How an evil act can turn into something great,.” A particular faire owner/runner decided to follow the Palpatine School of Management and that led to our opportunities, something I’m sure was NOT his intention.  *waves in X-Wing*

And because we did Daniel’s new SOLD OUT first-year Faire, we got to share the stage with an old bud –Sean the Whispy Rover.

We worked at the New Hampshire Renfaire for the first time and have applied to work again. Maybe they’ll forget about all the stuff we set on fire…

And we definitely made some memories this year.  Our weather curse has new facets-we now either get rainy weather OR “OMG, Why is it this HOT?” weather” But we are now the proud owners of sunshades, USB fans, and frozen collars for that!

And this sweetness came our way:
I really appreciate you coming down to the Fantasy Faire.  You inspired me to start the Fantasy Fair and create our fight team.  You’ve been attending for years, supporting the show.  The friendship of you, your wife, and the rest of Phoenix means much to me.

I’m not crying; you’re crying!

We continue to book NEW shows, so maybe we’ll be at a faire near you. But thanks for reading this far, thanks for coming to our gigs and making us twenty years strong.

See you in 2023!