TLDR: Gatekeeping definition

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what this feels like if you have any social interest that involves other people but I’m going to detail my own experiences and hopefully warn/reassure you and hope that you’ll share your own experiences in the comments

Special Lingo:  This has always gone straight up my nose. For reenactors it is “kit” for renfaire folks it is “garb” and I am sure there are other terms but at this juncture, no one gives a rat’s arse. To the world, it is “costume” or “outfit.” Please don’t whack people over the head with this.

person: So I was working in my costume…
Vendor GARB!!!!!!!!

Person: So I was working on my costume…
Vendor: Great, what were you thinking of adding?  Discusses options. Obliquely mentions that keyword is often garb or kit.

But to be honest, if I have to mention this example to you, you need more guidance than a blog post and I’d like you to take a hard look at your social interactions.

When Guilds were making their way east a lot of people, rather than saying “Hey what a fun inclusive activity we could join” were, instead “Keep out, this is our clubhouse and we are better than you.” The first renfaire I worked I tried to point out some bad behavior and they became so obsessed with “Which Wenches Guild?!!!” that the offender was able to walk off and presumably be a pest again.  I made the mistake of instead physically describing what she was wearing and her general appearance, foolish me. And I was reprimanded for it.

For me, this includes terms like “Mundanes” and “Muggles”.  I want *everyone at the renfaire and it’s nicer if we don’t exclude with language.

Clothing; Our group is fairly forgiving. We have a ton of clothing we give, loan, and swap. Same with equipment.  When I see someone in a white pirate shirt, jeans, ring belt, and pleather boots, they will still get a full M’Lord and M’Lady from me.  And I don’t mock others for not having the capital to get high-end gear. I feel this is especially important during this period of economic and social stress. We need to be kind and fun with one another. Not everyone has disposable income.

I am not averse to stealing ideas from other blogs/discussions and there was a post

What is your unpopular Renfaire Opinion”  

Here’s mine (one of many)

Don’t be nasty to the paying customers. I don’t care what people wear as long as 1) it isn’t showing bits 2) Overtly advertises a lifestyle.

And what I mean is there are subtle ways to let folks know your predilections but people on leashes aren’t one of them.

And if a larger person is rocking a Red Sonia Look or Viking, keep that shit to yourself. You wish you had that confidence.

And much as the Viking horned helmets may make me roll my eyes, I take them in a jolly spirit and roll with it.   And nice and loud for the people in the back


This means that furries, Vikings show fans, Jac Sparrows, Zorros, Anime…etc.  I love you all, please spend money and leave tips.  Thank you for coming.

Don’t Eat Your OwnThis blog post

And honestly, if you are a performer or vendor, shouldn’t you be thinking about your next leap forward and betterment?  If you aren’t already thinking about the next big thing, you should be and that’s a better use of your time, effort, and brain space.

Or just be a petty bastard in the privacy of your own home, where I don’t have to hear you.